Official Conference Dinner 2022

On Saturday evening we have organized an unforgetatable event. Dining beneath the great blue whale makes for a truly memorable evening. Whales of Iceland is the largest museum dedicated towards whales in Europe and possibly the world. To scale and based off of specific individuals found in the wild, a team of expert craftsmen have sculpted 23 life-like and detailed cetaceans found in Icelandic waters.

Whales of Iceland is located at Grandi area, Fiskislóð 23. Which is close to the old harbor and about 15 minutes’ walk from the city center.

The Grandi area was previously a place for the fishing industry, where fisherman fixed their fishing nets and fishing vessels brought their catches. Today, Grandi is becoming one of Reykjavik's most sought after areas, where you can find shops, restaurants and museums.

The food

The kitchen at NOMY boasts of members, coaches and captains of the national chef’s team.” They have all competed in domestic and international Culinary competitions and achieved remarkable results. The inspiration of the evenings buffets comes from seasonal ingredients, using the freshest available. This is spiced with skill, experience and modern flavor combinations where freshness, health and taste quality are in the foreground.  The guests of the evening will receive a symphony for the tastebuds.