Robert Mørck

Robert Mørck

Currently employed as the Head of Dismounted Soldier Systems programme in the Danish Defence, embracing doctrine and technology into every aspect of the armed forces, especially infantry and SOF operators.
Prior to this position I have been a vital part of the Danish Air Force CSAR/personnel recovery programme, building a unit of operators to support this endavour in the Danish Defence.

I can add substantial background, meaning and innovation on many topics, both as a speaker and a trainer.

My strong side is geopolitical analysis, contested environments, environmental effects, medical proficiency and mission planning/execution.
Everything will be supported by near-future (within 3 years) and future (3-6 years) upcoming technologies

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How does PR play a role in a contested Arctic?
Which challenges will we be facing?

How will AI, image recognition, super-fabrics and other new technologies support the task?