Böðvar Tómasson

Böðvar Tómasson

Böðvar is the founder and CEO of ÖRUGG Consulting Engineers (ÖRUGG verkfræðistofa). He has a Master‘s degree in Civil Engineering and Fire Engineering and is currently a PhD candidate in Risk Management and Societal Safety at the University of Iceland. Böðvar has been responsible for risk assessment related to the Reykjanes Peninsula volcanic unrest.

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Rescue and response personnel have to deal with a variety of risks in their work. New and uncertain situations increase the risk and it is important to manage that risk to ensure acceptable conditions.

How much risk is reasonable to accept in unknown situations?

How are risks handled in new situations such as volcanic eruptions?

How does the risk change over time and what is the impact of this change?

Böðvar talks about the management of risk in the work of emergency responders and how its systematic active control in operations can contribute to greater safety awareness among both managers and rescuers on the ground.