Brian Carriere

Brian Carriere

Brian Carriere brings over 30 years of experience in the healthcare and emergency services sectors, focusing on Emergency Management, Administration, and Systems Development. As the current President of Search and Rescue Alberta, he has spent 11 years as a SAR Team Leader, Manager, and Medical Team Responder in NW Alberta. Brian's leadership was instrumental in high-stakes environments, including his role as a team leader for a FEMA Disaster Medical Assistant team during significant deployments such as the World Trade Center and Hurricane Katrina.

In Grande Prairie, Brian has effectively managed multi-agency Search and Rescue missions, showcasing his ability to lead under pressure and drive successful outcomes. His managerial experience spans across various healthcare settings, including the oversight of a large Emergency Department and an ICU unit at a community hospital. Brian also manages a multidisciplinary healthcare education team operating across multiple provinces.

Brian has extensive project management experience, highlighted by his leadership in developing the My Learning Link Learning Management System for Alberta Health Services, which serves 96,000 employees. He has also developed critical care transport programs and directed the STARS Academy, focusing on advanced e-learning and clinical simulation.

He holds a Graduate Diploma in Disaster and Emergency Management and has completed formal training through the FEMA DMAT Team program and ICS levels 100-400. Brian’s commitment to professional development and operational excellence is reflected in his efforts to improve emergency medical services and support systems through innovative education and quality improvement programs.

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The rapidly evolving landscape of disaster response necessitates a robust integration of all-hazards capabilities into traditional search and rescue operations. This presentation outlines the development and implementation of the Search and Rescue Alberta Disaster Response Program, a transformative initiative designed to enhance the operational effectiveness and safety of SAR teams in Alberta through rigorous training, strategic exercises, and interagency cooperation.

Objective: To showcase the comprehensive approach of the SAR Alberta Disaster Response Program, highlighting its components, training protocols, and strategic outcomes. The presentation will detail the program’s impact on enhancing the readiness and response capabilities of SAR volunteers, preparing them to tackle diverse emergencies and disasters effectively.

1. Introduction
- Overview of search and rescue operations in Alberta.
- Importance of addressing evolving disaster response challenges.
2. Program Components
- Development of a rigorous SAR framework.
- Establishment of a Civil Emergency Response Program.
3. Exercise Development
- Strategic importance of provincial SAR exercises.
- Overview of the 60-day timeline from development to implementation.
4. Training Highlights
- Key training topics: operational protocols, specific skills (e.g., flood response, Hazmat), and critical incident management.
- Emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural sensitivity.
5. Interagency Cooperation
- Role of enhanced cooperation in improving disaster response times and outcomes.
6. Impact and Outcomes
- Expected improvements in readiness, deployment capabilities, and effectiveness of SAR operations.
7. Conclusion and Q&A
- Recap and invitation for discussion on collaboration and future directions.