Guðjón S. Guðjónsson

Guðjón S. Guðjónsson

Gudjon is a lieutenant - EMT with the Capital Area Fire Rescue Service of Iceland. He has been a professional firefighter for 26 years. His roots lie in the volunteer organization of ICESAR, where his first steps as a rescuer were taken at around 14 years of age. In the rescue teams he has been trained in USAR, Public Safety Diving, boathandling and seamanship along with almost all courses that were on offer in the Rescue school. He was the head instructor for Public Safety Diving and has also been an instructor in USAR. He worked as an instructor in Sæbjörg, the Maritime Survival and Safety Training Center in firefighting along with the fire service. Gudjon has been a trainer for the CAFRS in rescue diving for several years, holds a certification as a commercial diver in Iceland and has been a diver for CAFRS. The lecture will be about the only 24/7 rescue diving service in Iceland, its beginnings and about several cases over the years.

The need for a dedicated dive rescue team

21 Oct 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

The need for a dedicated dive rescue team. Beginning of the set up and training. Interesting cases and calls. The main reason for a dive rescue team to be availible 24/7.

Operation in Þingvellir. Recovery of the Cessna 172

21 Oct 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM

He will cover the organisation, overiew and coordination of diving operations when the airplane TF-ABB crashed in Ölfusvatnsvík, Þingvellir. The interests of investigators on site had to be taken into account and challeging conditions complicated matters further. Certain decisions will be explained that was made during the operation to achieve our goals.