Jón B Birgisson

Jón B Birgisson

Jon has more than 25 years of experience of working for the Red Cross. He has coordinated the organization's response in hundreds of small to large scale events in Iceland, including all major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and mass casualty incidents.

The Domestic Department of the Icelandic Red Cross coordinates all Red Cross operations in Iceland, including disaster services, ambulance services, first aid, assistance to refugees and migrants and daily support to Red Cross branches (chapters) around Iceland.

Jon participated in ICRC's contingency planning for armed conflict in Armenia in 2016. He has done several missions to the Caucasus as part of a disaster risk reduction consortium in the region and was deployed as a relief delegate to North-Greenland in 2017 after a tsunami, created by a landslide, devastated nearby villages.

Icelandic Red Cross Disaster Services: Mass Care Trailers

14 Oct 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM

The Icelandic Red Cross is the primary provider of emergency shelter and psychosocial support within the Icelandic Civil Protection and Emergency Management System. The organization launched a logistical campaign in 2015 by pre-stocking shelter items in selected locations around the island. The idea is to enhance and streamline response capacity in all parts of the country. Compact trailers were chosen to maximize mobility and scalability. The project is supported by a central Red Cross warehouse in the Reykjavik Area.

Each trailer consists of cots, blankets, a generator, various safety items, hygiene and cleaning items, snacks, jerrycans, a first aid kit, tools, fire extinguisher and products for women and children. An IT/telecom-kit with WIFI and a rapid charging station for cell phones is under development.

To date, 20 trailers have been purchased and distributed. Procurement is underway for several more. The project is supported by ISAVIA.