Using Innovation for Safe Searches

Using Innovation for Safe Searches
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
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MMKL has been working closely with the Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC), located in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. PAGC is a collaboration of Indigenous Tribal communities that are self-sufficient and independent. Along with many services they provide, one such service is their Search and Rescue team. While working on various projects together, both our parties realized that there was an opportunity to help make Search and Rescue operations more efficient. MMKL Group presented the PAGC with technology consisting of autonomous robots that can travel across difficult terrain and even water.

As a group we decided this technology would be beneficial to their rescue efforts as we could use this autonomous robot to lengthen the search window. Utilizing GPS mapping and sonar, the robot should be able to help assist a search when weather is not inclement, water is rough, and during winter freeze up. This in turn will make the searches more efficient while keeping the search team out of harm.

On top of making the search process more efficient, we are working on an addition than can retrieve a body, as well as bring it to shore on a flotation device in a safe manner.