Three waves of rescuers

Three waves of rescuers
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
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In Search and Rescue in the wilderness there is a need for SOP's for rescuers and incident management. The key to a successful rescue is an orderly approach and situational awareness. When dealing with an accident in the wilderness it is important that information on the status on-site flows to the Incident Managers with the scope and severity of the event.The "first wave" should travel light and fast and administer first aid and report to the Incident Management. The second wave carries the needed equipment for evacuation. Should the rescue require backup resources e.g. due to environmental risks (weather, avalanche risk etc.) we should always have resources in reserve i.e. the third wave. This lecture discusses past operations where this method should have been used leading to the formation of this methodology and also operations where this operating procedure was followed to the letter.