Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg has been a member of King County Explorer Search and Rescue since 1999 where he has served as the Director of Training, a Trustee on the Board of Trustees, and is currently Operations Leader Training Director. He has responded to over 500 SAR incidents, about half of those as a member of the General Staff in an Operations or Planning Section role. In 2016 Eric became a founding member and co-director of the Washington State SAR Planning Unit. 

Washington State SAR Planning Unit: A Regional Resource for Advanced Search Planning

13 Oct 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

The Washington State SAR Planning Unit (SSPU) was formed to provide advanced search planning resources to assist regional incident command staff during extended or complex SAR missions.  This session provides an overview of:  Our mission, our team, and the services that we can provide, along with examples of our support at recent search missions.

The primary functions of the SSPU are:  To turn incident information into actionable intelligence; to provide search planning strategies and recommendations; to provide technical mapping services; and to apply modern search theory to challenging search incidents.

The SSPU is a team of experienced SAR volunteers with extensive training in search management and planning.  We operate under the auspices of the Washington State Emergency Management Department.

SSPU services can include:  Search incident analysis; search planning strategies and recommendations; technical mapping services, and application of formal search theory.  This assistance can take the form of:  A Remote Search Plan delivered to on-site Incident Command; an Incident Action Plan; or SSPU staff deploying on scene to staff PLANS functions.

Examples of recent missions will include:  (1) A search for a missing hiker that extended over several months and 9 operational periods; and (2) SSPU planning and operational support for the largest evidence search (for human remains) in Washington State history.