ICE-SAR, The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue hosts an international conference focusing on all aspects of Search and Rescue for professionals both paid an un-paid.

The conference is held, in Reykjavik, Iceland, every other year and this year it will be held in on October 16th – 18th with pre-conferences from October 14th. Planning for the conference is now in full motion. More information about the conference can be found here:

Be a part of shaping the future of Search and Rescue

Are you interested in presenting at the conference, or even have a pre-conference workshop?

We are seeking presentations and workshops in the field of Search and Rescue that offer attendees proven and realistic topics.

The audience

Attendees are professionals, both paid and un-paid, in all aspects of Search and Rescue from a broad international background. Over 1000 participants join our biennial conference from countries e.g. Iceland, Norway, United Kingdom, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Sweden, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Malta and USA.

What’s available for our presenters

A Gold Pass to the conference. Travel cost to and from Iceland is at the presenters cost.

Deadline for submission

The deadline for submission is April 30th. Please provide us with the following information for consideration. Each presentation slot is a total of 45 minutes and within that timeframe we need to have time for questions and comments.

How are speakers selected?

Our steering committee reviews the submissions and decides what presentations will be put on the conference agenda by May 15th

Tell us about the presentation / workshop